Every business needs growth and that can be accomplished through many ways. One of the common ways to expand the reach of your business is to get more customers. This brings us to the marketing function of any business.

In today’s competitive environment, a well-planned marketing strategy can play a vital role for the success of the business. Marketing is becoming highly strategic and innovative given the ever increasing competition. Attracting potential customers towards your business is just one of the tasks you will accomplish as a marketer.

Here are a few tips to use attraction marketing to bring people to you asking about what you have to offer:

Social Marketing

Social media platforms are not the hype just for any reason. They can become a very beneficial way to grow your business. Generating leads through social media websites is becoming quite a common way for many businesses. Marketers are increasingly using these websites to broaden the horizons of a business and reaching more customers. It gives you a worldwide access which increases the chance of your business finding the right target market.

Local Marketing

The content you deliver must be optimised for local audience. For example, if you work from a specific city and have more roots there then try to generate leads among the local community. This can be accomplished by using keywords that target your local area.

Add Value

People look for products and services that are of value for them. Nobody is going to spend money if they are not going to get the right value for it. This is the key; the value of your product must justify its price. Add value for your target market so that potential buyers try to find you for what they need rather than you constantly pitching your products, services or business opportunity.

Relationship Marketing

One of the wrong views held by most businesses is that they need to make more sales to generate profit. The thing is that sales and profit are overlapping concepts; are also interconnected but there is a subtle difference. More sales will eventually only match the cost you have invested whereas profit comes from quality leads and long term relationships with customers. You must be able to develop repeat customers by establishing a relationship on trust. You must make customers curious about what you do so that they stay tuned for any new stiff from your business.

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Market YOURSELF, rather the brand of your products, services or business opportunity. What you tell people about yourself must reflect on your business. People are used to all the packaged marketing but if they know and trust who is behind a brand, they are more likely to stay interested in your products.


Attraction marketing is all about becoming the hunted instead of the hunter. It is a pull strategy. You should be driving customers with curiosity and value towards your business. Value and relationships are vital for pulling potential buyers towards you. Usually, marketing is a combination of the push and pull strategy. You should be pushing the value (or content) out and the relationships should keep pulling the customers in.

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