Life is full of surprises. Sometimes you’re at the top and sometimes, you suddenly find yourself at the bottom. You don’t always win in everything you do and that’s a fact of life which is why it is very important to recognize and celebrate each milestone you achieve no matter how small they are.

The principle applies to everyone whether you are en entrepreneur, a parent, an employee or a student because everyone needs motivation to continue to pursue their goals. Everyone needs a reason to wake up everyday and continue to follow their passion and make their dreams come true, but we all know that there will be obstacles that will come along the way and this is where counting your wins help.

Cherish The Small Wins

Sometimes we’re all so focused on the bigger picture that we inadvertently ignore the little wins which are equally important. Your business might not be where you want it to be now but did you notice that you earned a dollar or two? You may have not received that promotion you’re after but you still have a job and that counts as a win right?

Every win, no matter how insignificant is still a win. Use it as inspiration to achieve bigger ones.

Be Grateful

Do you realize how blessed you are?

Sometimes we’re so caught up with the things we don’t have that we fail to recognize the blessings we’ve been showered with. So you’re not financially stable. So you’re not working on a job you love. So your marriage is not perfect but you’re alive, aren’t you? You’re healthy and you have people you love supporting you, don’t you?

Instead of focusing on the negative things that are happening around you, why not focus on the positives for a change?

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Keep A Journal To Track Your Wins

You can begin to change your life by counting the wins that you get everyday because no matter how bad your day becomes, there will always be something to celebrate.

From the moment you open your eyes in the morning until you close them again at night, you’ve already won several times!

Being alive, having the eye sight to see the beautiful surroundings, the good health that allows you to go to work and contribute to humanity, and there’s so much more!


Life can be tough and it can keep us down from time to time, but if you recognize and celebrate your wins everyday, no amount of adversity or hardship can keep you from succeeding in business and life.

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