My Story

My name is Andre Opperman and with my wife Elna and children, we immigrated from South Africa to Australia in 2005. We started with new hope and a vision for a better future! Only the people that have taken this step, will know and understand that it takes self believe, courage, endurance, determination and a lot more, to leave behind the known for the unknown. God the Almighty has guided and strengthened us all the way and we give him all the Glory and Honor!

My “drive and fire” in life always and still is for my family! It keeps me working towards my goal of total freedom, complete security and independence! Together, with my wife, whom is my best friend, soulmate, mother of three lovely children all happily married, and now blessed with four of the most adorable grandchildren, we call Australia home! During our lifetime, we have started and built traditional businesses in the retail sector and have been our own bosses, most of our working lives. That was supposed to be the ultimate goal in life! Or is it really?

In a traditional bricks and mortar business, there are a few given factors playing a role in the business performance and most importantly, the bottom line: ~~Profit~~ Yes, you may or may not be aware of it, but, shop rental, utilities, stock acquisition and control of it, daily whining of employees and wages are likely the biggest factors of every business owner’s daily headaches!

Both Elna and myself are independently strong leaders with unique talents and together we complement each other and always stood side by side operating and managing our businesses. But, we were always on the lookout for different business models that can eliminate the burdens that a traditional business has.

When arriving in Australia, I had to enter the workforce as an employee which was a requirement of the Immigration Department to receive Permanent Residency and Citizenship. After many years of been my own boss I suddenly plunged into the payroll system as an employee! I was intrigued by the mindset of my fellow workers and being on the other side of the fence I realised that most people don’t know the slightest thing about building or growing a business, and that is precisely why the biggest chunk of the population are employees. To me… this has been a real shake up, and I have made a personal commitment to get serious about getting back into my own business again! I decided that it is to be changed as soon as possible! By investing in training, mentoring and coaching, anyone has the ability to break away from the employee mindset and develop into a business owner and leader, and just like you are doing now I also scrutinized the internet for the right opportunity!

While setting a goal is of relative ease, or having a new year’s resolution, which happens all over the world, putting yourself in a good position to achieve that, is an entirely different matter. For years, much has been said about how to go about doing this successfully. We are told they should be SMART goals; specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound. This is one of many excellent approaches. We all have the right to choose what we want to do and accomplish in life, it’s a choice which one should not enforce onto others. I respect that, and exactly that enables me to choose what I am doing now. Only you choose what to do in your life. In the end my life is between myself and my Creator and no one has the right to judge me. I will definitely not judge you for the decisions YOU make! But I know for sure, that I want to reveal to you a life changing opportunity! After all life is about choices!

We then ventured into a Home-based Franchise Business, thinking that it would provide all the know-how, branding, uniforms, marketing, public exposure and awareness and most of all use our home as a base. We thought it should be far less worrying than with our previous businesses, and all done with the SMART goal in mind!

At the end of 2016, I stepped back to have a look at our accomplished results which I must admit were far less than anticipated and I realised we needed to take drastic action and do something different to survive! I always knew that there must be something out there in the online business sector that can create wealth and total freedom. So, we went looking for an opportunity to change our lives for the better, forever, as we had enough of struggling in our careers.

Then suddenly I stumbled across an opportunity that pointed me in the right direction and I just knew it! I could see it! This is something I could build on, take my skills to a higher level! If I am to realise my goals and dreams from both a financial and lifestyle choice perspective, I had to join this successful business in Personal Development and that is why I got on board with this opportunity!

As in the past, our entrepreneurial spirits kicked in and we are slowly growing our online business into the business we always dreamed of, and Yes! that lucrative corporate income is on the horizon. We have finally found our passion and now we are achieving our dreams whilst being our own boss. Life is great when you are able to work from home and decide your own schedule and most of all having the portable option, that not every business allows. We are now creating a new life where we can help others, whilst helping ourselves in so many ways. With my online endeavors, and with the enormous support and ongoing training, we are able to build a reliable replacement for the income from our jobs, where we had to get through the daily grind!

It probably would have been easier to give up on our dream to have a successful business together, at times, but we find it much more rewarding to fight through and overcome any struggles that we face as entrepreneurs. Gone are the days where we have to carry stock, pay monthly rent, pay wages, the electricity bill and have to deal with all the staff issues. We never gave up on the dream to have a successful business. Now we have it! We are staying energized and with so many life lessons already learnt and keep on learning and most importantly we are still able to work side by side, as a happily married couple. This is one business idea that can’t fail, and it enables us to reach our goals!

Our lives are completely different now, with a home-based business, operated from a laptop anywhere in the world and having a global market place. We absolutely love it! Everything has changed for the better! I no longer have to commute to a workplace, I work the hours I choose and I spend time with my wife and family……….and our grandkids! Love them!! What a privilege!!

My goal is to help others to do the same, by sharing the skills I learned over the years, along with all the new skills I am learning while building my online business.

So, when you become an associate and part of our team we will assist to help you reach your success! If your desire is to share in time freedom, working from home and enjoying a corporate income, then please contact me as I would love to help you to realize your dreams!

Your Business Partners,

Andre & Elna Opperman
Home Business Mentor
Text me: +61 472 959 790
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